Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The children are waiting to hear a story about the bald frog who wears a wig:

When I was setting up my profile on this blog site there was an option to be asked a different question, something other than birthday, interests, favourite books, etc.  I chose that option and I got the random question above, "The Children Are Waiting to Hear a Story About the Bald Frog who Wears a Wig:"  My answer was too long but since I wrote it I decided to post it!  What the hay!!

There once was a bald frog named Frednelope.  Frednelope beleived that he was bald and so he went to the Beaver and asked if he could use some of his twine and grasses to make a wig for himself.  The beaver was busy making his dam but he gave Frednelope something to make his wig.  Frednelope made a fine wig and wore it proudly. 

He was hoping that no one would notice it was a wig and so he lay on his lily pad in the sun as if nothing was out of the ordinary.  Snerdafrazz the Snake came by and asked why on earth Frednelope had a bush on his head.  Frednelope slumk down into the water feeling badly and swam away.  Later Frednelope ran into his good friend Dramonery the Duck.  Dramonery saw the wig but said nothing, he just asked Frednelope how he was ... Frednelope said he felt sad since his wig was a laughing stock. 

Dramonery asked Frednelope why he was wearing it.  Frednelope said he was wearing it because he was bald.  Dramonery told Frednelope that all frogs are bald and that it was Okay to be bald and to be green and that he loved Frednelope's bald greenness.  This made Frednelope feel much better and so he now noticed that no other frogs in his family had hair and that no frogs at all had hair and he felt so much better about being bald!  Sometimes it takes the awareness of a friend to point out the obvious to us!

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