Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Poetic Life

If you were to close your eyes and imagine your life in every way exactly as you would like it to be .... are the things you imagine available to you?  Do you believe that they are within your control to create?  If you said anything but yes you might be incorrect. 

I remember when my nephew was in 7th grade and he was asked to analyse a poem.  My sister and I tried to ask questions of him so that he would see the symbolism in the poetry.  We remarked, afterward, how amazingly literal his views were then, as a young boy.   Now he is studying toward a degree in psychology and he is amazingly able to see symbolism and read poetry deeply and he plans to get his PhD one day.  What if we did this with our lives?  What if we continue to grow in our awareness and abilities and set our sights toward these goals?

Do you see everything literally or can you see the magic of your life as poetic?  I remember reading about Jill Kinmont, the Olympic hopeful skiier who became paralized at a young age.  She said much later that when she got quiet with herself and closed her eyes she could still feel herself ski ...  What is that about?  Did you know that your body recognizes some benefit, both physiologically and psychologically, from imagining your self doing physically active things, even if you are simply sitting in a chair?  That is a proven fact.

Every moment is an opportunity to learn and to grow.  Every moment is an opportunity.  Life is a tremendous gift and no matter if you are bedridden or an athlete life is a gift.  You can create the life that you wish to have ... right now!

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