Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moments of Change

The one thing that is constant in life is change.  We are born and we grow up and we grow older and we die, on average, and there is a lot of change in all of that.   Many of us yearn for sustainability and constancy.  Sometimes, and some people, can create happiness, compassion and love in their lives no matter what the circumstances nor how they change. 

I have a friend who beautifully adapts to changes and she has a secret!  Want to know what it is?  She says that she keeps one or two things constant.  Her outlook is constant.  She sees the world as manageable and she sees herself as capable no matter what; the next thing that is constant for her is that she knows that change is inevitable and so when she comes upon larger changes in life they fit in with her world view so she can handle them well.  Within her world view is the knowledge that she has boundaries and limits.  She can identify her limits.  She knows that she can cope.

For a simple example, she knows that when her child jumps on her bed and breaks it, she knows she can live with a broken bed for a year.  That is about how long it will take to save the money to replace her bed and frame so all is well.  Now, some changes are tragic and catastrophic and yet the mind set and belief system that is most supportive is the one where we know our own selves inside and we know that we can muster up our own immeasurable power to survive and to adapt and to change and to grow. 

This notion of capability and self confidence is immeasurably powerful.  When we awaken to our own capabilities and our own powerful abilities to adapt and to be in FLOW with the world then its so much easier to be happy and to feel free and to feel love in stead of fear.   This also allows us to freely and directly become who we really are ... powerful, loving, knowing, brilliantly aware beings of compassion.